Blocked drain repairs

Blocked drains will be a thing of the past when you call Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage.
We have high pressure Jet Rodders to unblock those drains in a jiffy!


Sophisticated CCTV camera & locator technology

Here at Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage we don’t leave anything to chance!

Our advanced CCTV camera system puts an end to guesswork and unnecessary digging to locate the cause of a blocked drain. This highly effective technology not only shows us the cause of the blockage, but can also give an instant insight into the depth and degree of the blockage or damage to the pipes, determining whether or not they need repairing or replacing.

This means we can carry out a full drain inspection, implement a solution more effectively, and replace or repair damaged or broken pipes with the minimum of inconvenience, mess and cost to you.

Blocked drain repairs Brisbane

Jet Rodding

Call Brisbane Plumbing and Drainage for all your Jet Rodding requirements.

A Jet Rodder allows for clearing of drains and blockages in pipes using a high pressure water jetting system.

The Jet Rodder can be utilised in various applications including:

  • Unblocking drains
  • Cleaning sewer drains
  • Stormwater drains
  • Commercial and industrial plumbing
  • Conduit and pipe cleaning of all sizes

Let us offer you a complete plumbing service, from industrial plumbing and commercial plumbing to domestic plumbing services and clearing blocked drains.

Contact our friendly team today on 1300 740 206 and we’ll get your blocked drain fixed fast!

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